It feels like a drop in the ocean, but ...

... one day I made a bargain with my inner child, Ingenua. She didn't see the point of doing ... well ... anything. It wasn't fun any more, and there were too many scary thoughts going around. So I said, "How about, for every little thing we do that is good for me, we'll give five cents to charity:water? How does that sound?"

And she smiled.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woops, I just remembered...

... when I swiped my bathroom vanity yesterday.  It was after washing my face, and before brushing my teeth!  I just forgot to moisturise before I went out.

So add to yesterday...
Washed my face: 5c
Brushed my teeth: 5c
Swiped the bathroom vanity: 5c

Total for Tuesday: 70c (seems I added wrong last time)
I can't add either ... 90c + 20c = $1.10 (new total for Monday :P )
Total for today so far: 70c

I hope these numbers are right now!

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