It feels like a drop in the ocean, but ...

... one day I made a bargain with my inner child, Ingenua. She didn't see the point of doing ... well ... anything. It wasn't fun any more, and there were too many scary thoughts going around. So I said, "How about, for every little thing we do that is good for me, we'll give five cents to charity:water? How does that sound?"

And she smiled.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's working, kind of ...

Actually, I forgot to write down that yesterday I did the washing :) And I also had a shower, although I didn't get to bed before midnight.  So that brings yesterday's total to 75c.

Yesterday I spent some time reading my backlog of emails from FlyLady.  When I say backlog, there were two thousand-odd messages there ... I haven't read them since December.  Instead, I read a few, and then took the advice in one of the emails, which was to delete all the rest!  They're still available on the BigTent site if I ever want to go and look at them, and it means I'm not spending a huge amount of time on it.

Anyway, one of the motivating messages that I saw in one of the emails was this: "Self-discipline is remembering what you really want."  I wrote it on a post-it note, and I'll try to stick to it ...

Here's what I managed today:

Got up before 10am: 5c
Put my watch on: 5c
Had a substantial breakfast: 5c
Got dressed: 5c
Brushed my hair: 5c
Wrote some post-it notes: 5c
Picked up lots of clothes in my bedroom: 5c
Sorted some of the junk that doesn't really belong in my bedroom: 5c
Ate lunch (leftovers and toast): 5c
Had a shower: 5c
Put my breakfast bowl and lunch bowl in the dishwasher (eventually): 5c
Prepared dinner (I cut the vegetables and supervised Smith cooking): 5c
Put my dinner plate in the dishwasher: 5c
Writing my blog: 5c

And it's past midnight, so I can't go to bed before midnight now ... making a total of 70c.

Time to tally up...

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