It feels like a drop in the ocean, but ...

... one day I made a bargain with my inner child, Ingenua. She didn't see the point of doing ... well ... anything. It wasn't fun any more, and there were too many scary thoughts going around. So I said, "How about, for every little thing we do that is good for me, we'll give five cents to charity:water? How does that sound?"

And she smiled.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

Well, today I'd planned to do a proper morning routine including the laundry, brush the hair off the bedroom floor so that Smith could vacuum there, go shopping (we needed eggs, rice and a couple of other things) and maybe make some more progress on sorting my clothes.

I got the laundry done ...

Other good things I did today (not in order)

I had junk food for breakfast :P Apple pie, an apple and a bag of chips.  A girl who was organising a picnic told me I had to bring lollies, chips and chocolates, and because none of them are picnic food, we didn't end up opening them on the day.  And then I didn't have lunch, and had most of the lollies for afternoon tea.
I ate a proper dinner (Smith made it). 5c.
Also had a couple of glasses of water. 5c.

Brushed and put up my hair: 5c
Brushed my teeth: 5c
Washed and moisturised my face: 5c

Preparing to get things done:
Didn't wake up before 10.  I had a large number of vivid dreams, and woke up at 11.
Got dressed to shoes: 5c
Went out of the house, with Smith after he got home from work: 5c.
Marked my calendar: 5c.
Did something planned: 5c

House care: 
Swished the toilet: 5c
Swiped the bathroom vanity: 5c
Did the laundry: 5c
Folded the last load of laundry: 5c
Sorted and organised Smith's everyday clothes: 5c
Tidied away my breakfast plate: 5c.  Then Smith came up and stole my dinner plate just then, so no tidying away for me ... :P

Taking care of hubby:
Refrained from my bad habit that annoys Smith: 5c

Chatted with a friend online: 5c

Projects I'm working on:
Daily email for a biographical project: 5c.
Writing this blog: 5c

Total so far: 90c.  And it's only quarter past 10 pm :) Time for a shower and planning for tomorrow :)

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